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Dynamic Emotional Integration® Offerings


In my consultation practice, I work to help you understand your emotions. Our initial one-hour consultation is $115.00 USD and it includes an assessment of the situations that you would like to focus on during our time together and the emotions that can support you in those situations. You can learn more about DEI Consultations here: What is a DEI Consultation?

My approach is to meet you where you are, at this point in time, and help you listen to your emotions. Our consultation includes: 

  • An in-depth pre-session questionnaire to help you identify your issues and the emotional and self-care skills you already possess.

  • A focused, hour-long inquiry into your specific situation, with the goal of creating personalized options and solutions that you can manage easily.

  • An approach that is equally personal, relational, and sociological, because you and your emotional skills are a part of your social world.

  • Support in strengthening your emotional awareness, utilizing the skills and practices in The Language of Emotions and The Art of Empathy.

  • A written follow-up detailing your session and the ideas and supportive practices we explored.

Subsequent sessions of an hour at $95.00 USD or half-hour (depending on your needs) at $45.00 USD will focus on your progress and a deepening inquiry into the wisdom of your emotions.



In my workshops and trainings, I provide an in-depth overview of the wonderful world of emotions. Trainings are a process of unlearning some of the harmful messages we have received about emotions. You will learn new, emotionally aware, and respectful ways of working with all 17 of your emotions.


In my trainings:

  • You’ll unlearn emotionally harmful concepts such as “Anger is bad,” “Let go of negative emotions,” “You’re too sensitive,” or “You’re so emotional!”

  • You’ll learn the four keys to emotional genius:

  1. There are no positive or negative emotions.

  2. Emotions arise at many different levels of intensity.

  3. It is normal for emotions to arise in pairs, groups, and clusters.

  4. You can learn to channel your emotions skillfully.

  • You’ll explore the messages behind your emotions and the actions that each emotion requires.

  • You'll learn skills for working with and channeling all of your emotions, instead of unconsciously expressing or repressing them.

Consultation Rates

Initial Consultation: 1 hour - $115.00

Follow-up Consultations: 1 hour - $95.00

Follow-up Consultations: 1/2 hour - $45.00


Training Rates

Trainings and workshops are tailored to the specific needs and interests of your group and rates vary depending on the topics, location, and number of participants.

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